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In the modeling industry, many models starting out are commercial print talent. Commercial print talent make up most of the modeling industry as they represent what we call “real people” castings. This makes starting out as a model or actor a fun hobby for most new comers.

To become a model, it takes time and a sense of being realistic. There is never a guarantee of landing jobs, any one that promises you that is not being honest. Also, anyone that says that modeling is free, is not accurate. Getting signed to an agency in 2021 takes more than luck, it takes being seen by the right people in the digital world, as many agencies no longer host open casting calls. In fact, IMG models stopped all open casting calls permanently according to their website.

To become a model, you have to get really good photographs. But that doesn’t mean you should spend thousands of dollars at one time. Another step could be to shop them to agencies. If you don’t hear back that is so very common, instead focus on landing casting calls online. Getting casting calls that match you is really hard and time consuming. Also, subscribing to a ton of websites is expensive and couple cost a model or actor hundreds a month. Using an easy platform like Latitude Talent can help beginner models get the tools and resources at the lowest cost possible in a New York market. In fact, photography is complimentary for new talent brought in from enrollment at meeting, making it a great way to build your portfolio starting out. Want to start out, the first step is coming in to learn and see if you are right for what our service can offer. If you are looking for an agency or a company to manage you on a commission, Latitude is not for you. If you are looking for a service to help you get access to to opportunities, Latitude Talent is a great first step in the right direction.

Casting Male Talent for Commercial

Pat Moran Casting Union (SAG) and Non-Union Male with Irish accent for a Commercial

Caucasian Male 30 to 50 (Scottish accent needed for this role)

Role: Speaking

Auditions: Self-submits (script provided)

Possible Zoom callbacks: Date – TBD

Shoots: April 18th-19th – date TBD

Location shoot: Md, D.C., Va. – TBD

Rate: SAG Scale

Usage: TBD

If you are SAG (Union) include your SAG #

If you are non-union, include your SAG status (SAG-eligible, must join, etc)

Please include a current selfie-type photo, resume (if available) and telephone number.

If your area code (the three numbers at the beginning of your phone number) is not a Baltimore, D.C. or Northern Virginia area code or if you do not live in these area codes, please let us know where you are located.

Submission policy:


SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL TO READ THE ROLE “SCOTT-DK” This is a free casting post without any affiliation to Latitude.

Casting Actresses for Comedic Sketch – Nationwide United States

BuzzFeed Scripted Casting: We’re looking for actresses to play Disney Princesses in a comedic Disney spoof sketch. You must be the same race as the Disney princess you wish to play. Now casting for the following roles:











More info & a script will be given upon application.

This is a paid opportunity, nonunion, and shoots remotely. Applicants can be located anywhere in the US.This is a free casting post without any affiliation to Latitude.

Casting Application:

Good Housekeeping Casting Call

Good Housekeeping is casting moms nationwide to be featured in upcoming videos discussing all things motherhood. The brand is looking to feature an array of moms in different age groups to discuss a variety of parenting topics and who’d be open to filming together for this remotely over a Zoom or Skype call.

If interested in being considered and in learning more details about this project, please fill out this form in its entirety: This is a free casting post without any affiliation to Latitude.

Casting Call for Horror Film – Virginia . Maryland . Washington D.C.


Filming will take place within the next few months all over Maryland and sometimes in the DMV areas. The job is paid, non-union.

**Casting is taking place now until JANUARY 31st**

If interested in any of the following characters, email, and you will receive the proper sides for your audition.

FOR CASTING, REQUIREMENTS are as follows: your headshot, resume, and a video of you reading the side(s) corresponding with your character(s).



CAM – early 20s, Latina

The short’s protagonist. A college-aged woman dealing with grief. Intelligent, kind but reserved, slow to open up to people, somewhat naive but with a raw nerve exposed by trauma, and a quiet confidence that can show itself when she feels comfortable.

JEFFREY – 30s to 40s, White

The short’s antagonist. A paranormal investigator, web show host, and true believer. Cold, imposing, cunning but reckless, a confident and steady speaker that can explode into fits of rage and violence when pushed too far.

ERIN – early 20s

Cam’s best friend who disappears without a trace. Carefree and confident in all the ways that Cam isn’t.

GARRETT – mid- to late-20s

A young man fresh out of film school. Laid back, friendly, and quick witted, Garrett doesn’t buy into all this ghost crap, but at the same time he doesn’t feel the need to be an asshole about it either.

ALEC – early 30s

A paranormal investigator who’s worked with Jeffrey for years and believes in the unexplainable just as strongly. He’s loyal and unassuming, empathetic and nervous, and ultimately conflicted over his and Jeffrey’s crimes.


JUDY – 19

A young white female, shy but strong. Living in the 1950’s, Judy is tied down to her racist father, who doesn’t approve of her interracial relationship.

JON – 19

A young black male, he runs and operates the bait and tackle shop. He carries a happy demeanor, and a lot of love in his heart for Judy.


ANNA – 20s

White cis woman, mid-20s, light hair. Anna is steadfast and secure in her beliefs, but a lack of self-introspection in her behavior leads to problems in her interpersonal relationships. She recently graduated from college and is working as a grant writer now.

GEORGE – 50s

White cis man, mid-50s, light hair. George loves his daughter Anna, but due to deep frustration from his family’s estrangement and his financial position, he takes his anger out on the wrong people. He’s an archetypical redneck with a military background.


Black/indigenous man, mid-20s. Tristan is a fun and passionate person who struggles accomplishing goals due to his financial position. He’s Anna’s old friend from high school, and he’s in the process of establishing a co-op for artists.

JAMES – 20s

White cis man, mid-20s. James is easygoing and caring, but slightly aloof about the world outside his life. He’s Anna’s cousin and newly married to Caroline.


White cis woman, mid-20s. Caroline is friendly but apolitical, mostly absorbed in her own life. She was recently married to James.

Legend of the Drain Man:

The Child – 12 to 14, looking for someone who can play/look younger, around 10 The short’s protagonist, a young girl, silent throughout the film, whose innocent world is interrupted by the intrusion of a monster known as the Drain Man. Imaginative, adventurous, and tough, she takes up the charge of her family members before her to hunt and slay this horrible beast. (Two Notes: There are no sides for this character as she has no dialogue so please just submit headshots instead of an audition tape. Also, the role will involve some stunt work.)

The Drain Man – Late 20s to Early 40s A monster who lives in the drains outside of The Child’s suburban neighborhood, he feasts on the blood on children and stalks the woods in his huge, monstrous form. (Two Notes: Also will not have sides provided as he also does not have dialogue. Headshots and measurements will suffice. Will potentially involve heavy makeup.)

The Father – Late 30s to 40s Father of the Child, he believes she has a right to know about the dangers of the Drain Man, and eventually encourages her to train and arm herself to hunt and kill the monster.

The Mother – Late 30s to 40s Mother of the Child, she wants to shield her from the dangers of the world and the truth of the Drain Man. The idea of losing the Child if often too much for her to bear, and causes friction with her husband.

Talent Benefits Working with Latitude

At Latitude, our company was designed to help new models and actors in attaining their personal goals; whether that goal is to simply build or start a portfolio, or to obtain exposure in a major market by connecting to casting calls and opportunities. Our personalized service provides talent of all backgrounds with the tools necessary to be successful, while being offered the personal attention to overall growth in the entertainment community.

How do we do this?

We realize that many talent are just getting started or have been unsuccessful in previous attempts to start their journey. As you embark on your journey in this industry, we embark on it with you to provide the best guidance available. We do this as part of our service. This attention and services are included in our service.

As importantly as direction, our team is always available to provide support. This industry can be tough to break into and when you need encouragement or help, we are always there.

Our talent are truly number one. Period.

The Benefits of Working with Latitude Talent Studios

Our personalized service provides talent of all backgrounds with the tools necessary to be successful, while being offered the personal attention to overall growth in the entertainment community. We do NOT sell photography shoots at Latitude Talent Studios, we only offer the best service for models and actors.

How do we do this?

We realize that many talent are just getting started or have been unsuccessful in previous attempts to start their journey. As you embark on your journey in this industry, we embark on it with you to provide the best guidance available.

Digital Composite Card

A composite card, also referred to as a “comp card” is a models or actors resume and includes 5 photos as well as stats, measurements and contact information. We provide our talent with a digital and printable comp card as part of our service. The digital composite card can also be emailed to casting directors, photographers or any industry professional through a talent’s profile in one easy step.

Public Casting Call aka Breakdown

A private casting is when a direct request from a client, casting director, production company, industry professional or breakdown is received by Latitude. Since we are not an agency, we do not collect a commission from talent if they book a project.

Public Casting Call Post aka Casting Match

A public casting is an ‘open to the public’ notice discovered through a local or national publication or website, available on your Latitude profile. We refer to these as “Casting Matches” which are both paid and nonpaid local opportunities for both modeling and acting.

Complimentary Photography Shoot        

Professional photography in New York City is very expensive and is typically not covered by an agency. At Latitude, our talent is provided a complimentary test photo shoot which builds or start a portfolio and head shots.

Webinar Access  

Our online webinars introduce talent to the realities of modeling and acting. The experts at Latitude share our knowledge, platform, strategy and industry news helping you to build and manage your brand.

The Directory

Exposure is key. Our talent have access to ‘The Directory’ which has direct contact information to over 100+ modeling and talent agencies worldwide.

As importantly as direction, our team is always available to provide support. This industry can be tough to break into and when you need encouragement or help, we are always there. Our talent are truly number one. Period. To become a model, visit here

Should I Pay a Modeling Agent? – What is Normal Cost for New Models

Should you pay a modeling agency?

That is such a common questions, with different answers all around the internet. Here is the truth.

Back in the 1980’s when the modeling industry was flourishing, modeling agencies such as Elite and Ford Models (still top agents in 2021 and beyond) would front the cost of modeling to a new face talent. They would typically discover and scout models on the subway, train and in the malls.

Face forward to 2021 and beyond, the modeling industry is completely different. Not only is the typical model no longer tall and thin, they are curvy and have unique and different backgrounds. What is also different is how an agency works.

While model managers will manage the careers of models, they do not take on fresh face talent. Developing a model is expensive and time consuming and sadly, most models are not serious about modeling when it comes time to actually put in the work. 

Modeling Agencies DO NOT cover your portfolio, web fee’s or test shoots. They never did and never will. Many beginner models wrongly think a modeling agent that wants them will pay for their expenses. While some of the bigger agencies may front the start up costs and charge you later, almost all agents expect their models to cover it.

At Latitude, we are a service for models and actors, so it is expected for talent to cover their own enrollment in our services. What is unique about Latitude is that they cover the cost of your photo shoot for free, this is to help you start to build your portfolio.

Want to become a model? Join

TV Pilot Holding Auditions for Actors in Boston, MA

Casting Call Audition for Actors in Boston MA!

Shoot/Start Date: December 2020
Location: Acton, MA (and the surrounding areas)
NON-UNION Episodic

Special notes: ALL TALENT must be located in or near Massachusetts, as lodging and transportation will not be provided. This production is currently expected to air on public access television, and complies with non-commercial regulations. As such, all roles are NON-PAYING.

Characters, names and details are subject to change.

[Amelia Huxley] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, early 20’s, shy, cute and intelligent. A member in the college’s tech club. She is compassionate to a fault, and falls head over heels for our main character (though is too shy to let him know).

[March Dunaway] SUPPORTING, MALE, 17-19, headstrong, adventurous and studious. A freshman in University. He lives at home with his parents and commutes to school. Like any ordinary college student, he cares a bit too much of what others think of him.

[Jane Dunaway] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, 40+, March’s mother. Happily married. When she isn’t working, she often spends her time tiding up the house, gardening or gossiping with the other mothers.

[Lawrence Dunaway] SUPPORTING, MALE, 40+, March’s father. Happily married. When he isn’t working, he enjoys engaging in various hobbies around the house.

[Phylis Zilch] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, early 20’s, intelligent and outgoing. Quite nerdy. A member in the college’s tech club, she is as much brilliant as she is socially awkward.

[Bryce Mackenzie] SUPPORTING, MALE, 16-18, quick-witted and aggressive. A senior in the nearby high school. He is close friends with March Dunaway and Dallas Stryke. Though certainly not in the popular crowd, he is the alpha male of their friend group.

[Dallas Stryke] SUPPORTING, MALE, 13-16, underclassman at the local high school, he follows Bryce’s lead – almost like a sidekick. Does his best to keep from feeling inferior, while constantly hanging out with his older friends.

[Francis Emerin] SUPPORTING, ALL GENDERS, 40+, wise and experienced, though not without faults. As the Dean of Students at the University, Francis is often involved in difficult situations, and must be resourceful when problem solving.

[Town Residents] BACKGROUND/EXTRAS, ALL GENDERS, ALL AGES, residents of a sleepy, suburban Massachusetts college town.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Boston, MA
Please submit to:
Self-tape auditions, submitted via email. For sides and instructions, go to the link:

This casting notice was posted by: Fairview Casting, Never prepay for a casting call!