Latitude Talent Reviews: 3 Reasons To Join

Are you wondering if Latitude Talent is right for you? Here are 3 reasons to join.

Photo by Ali Pazani

Are you an aspiring model or actor? If so, you have very limited ways to get started. First, you can apply to modeling agencies you find online. While you may become successful in landing a modeling agency if you have the exact look they are seeking, most do not. Modeling agencies are extremely competitive and only work with a select few. Another option is looking for a photographer however many “modeling studios online” are charging models thousands of dollars just for basic photographs. Here is why Latitude Talent is the best way to get started.

1. Free Pictures

Since Latitude is not a photography studio, you get photographs for free. Upon enrollment for those that complete an evaluation, select talents will have the option to shoot with an industry professional at their studio. Latitude considers its talents members since they are not an agency.

2. No commission

Since Latitude is not an agency, they do not collect a commission off any projects. While there are simply no guarantees of success in any industry, Latitude provides access to publicly sourced casting opportunities that automatically match your profile allowing immediate access to hundreds of agencies as well as updated weekly casting opportunities. Latitude does not promise jobs, employment or success. They do however promise to offer a resource to those looking to get started in the most affordable way.

3. Support

You get a dedicated outlet that’s willing to support you along your journey. On top of public casting access, webinars are accessible to those talents allowing you access to any questions that you need answered.

Ready to become a model or actor? Learn more here

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