As a new model or actor, it can be hard to decide what avenues to take to start your career. What talent agencies can you trust? Where can you get castings for your experience level and look? These questions cannot be answered by pursuing the industry on your own or by simply reading outdated information online about how to get started.

Latitude Talent Studios was created to help models and actors, regardless of their experience level, get a head start into the entertainment field by connecting to the opportunities to get started on a digital platform. We are not an agency and do not get employment for talents.

Why is Latitude better than an agency? Well we do not collect a commission to start, allowing models and actors to submit themselves to public projects on their own free time. We also don’t have exclusive contracts like modeling agencies, allowing members the versatility of one time enrollment, free photography test shoots and monthly maintenance access to castings projects in their market. You also have access to a team that really cares about helping you out.

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While typical modeling agencies have very high expectations, including, height, weight and size requirements, along with acting agents that always prefer their talent to be in union, as well as having significant roles under their belt before they are signed, Latitude provides exposure that was once reserved for the less than 5% of models and actors that are actually represented by an agency. Read more about Latitude as a subscription service with enrollment, find real reviews about Latitude Talent Studios and why we are the best way to get started as a talent.

Latitude is not a talent agency, employer or scout; our service is a venue. We do not promise or facilitate employment. Results vary and there are no guarantees concerning the level of success a user may experience. Castings are from third-parties; always independently verify. Look out for red flags here.

If you are looking to get started, contact Latitude Talent Studios today at

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