Modeling in New York – What New Models Should Expect to Pay For and What They Should Not

Modeling in New York – What New Models Should Expect to Pay For

Starting out in modeling is like taking up another hobby or sport, it takes time, patience and the real desire to start something. Not only should you expect to invest your time, but you will need to invest in starting your journey. What many models do not understand is what the standard costs for models should expect. What is normal and what is not, everyone will tell you a different thing!

What any modeling agency or scout will tell you, a portfolio is something you as the model will need to cover out of pocket. Many aspiring models or those without experience shout “you shouldn’t pay for anything” Not only is this completely wrong, it prevents a real talent with potential from actually becoming successful.

What a model should not do however is spend thousands of dollars on photography. We see models and actors coming in that have spent so much money on bad photography. This is not only a waste, but photographs are meant to help land you and agency or casting. Never spend thousands of dollars on photographs, this will not help you in New York!

At Latitude Talent, we help those starting out get the tools for success. While test shoots at Latitude are free (this is unheard of in New York) your enrollment subscription covers access to a casting call portal, along with real guidance from professionals, which allows talent to access opportunities to start out for real. Latitude is the best. Period.

We make it easier than ever to start out in New York.
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Ben Stiller‘s upcoming TV Series (Tumwater) is now Hiring Actors – New York

Stand-ins Casting Call

DeLisi Creative Casting – Stand Ins for: TUMWATER (directed by: Ben Stiller)

Stand In for: Tramell Tillman – 5’11”, 185lbs, Full Brown/Black Hair, CLOSE BEARD, Brown Eyes.

Stand In for: Zach Cherry – 5′ 8″, 230-260lbs, Brown/Blk eyes, Brown/Black Hair & FULL BEARD.

To submit: Email us at In subject line please put (ATT. ADAM SI submit for XXX VIA DC). In body of email include; 3 CURRENT cell phone photos (1 close up, 1 standing front & 1 standing profile). Also, include Hair Color, Eye Color, Height/Weight, Shirt, Sleeve, Pants, Shoe, Suit Size, Chest & Neck. Lastly, please include if you’re Union or Non-Union, where you reside (city/state), contact # & your Stand In experience. If you’re not local to NY, MUST be available to work as a NY local if selected. Presently, this is for a tentative work day of 10/26 w/Covid testing on 10/23. Thanks!

Expired Casting Calls:

Adam Scott Stand-in for Camera Test

Hey NYC!

REVISED: Stand In for: Adam Scott (CAMERA TEST) NY,NY. “TUMWATER” Directed by: Ben Stiller

5’9″ – 5’10”, 165 lbs, Dark Brown Hair, DEEP SET Brown eyes.

Please email us at In subject line please put, ATT. ADAM (SI for Camera Test). MUST include Stand In experience, SAG or NU. If SAG, please include your SAG #. CURRENT cell phone photo, height/weight & all sizes…

Suit size, Chest (around widest part), T-Shirt, Neck, Sleeve, Pant (waist x inseam) Shoe & Hat.

If selected, MUST be avail for tentative day of Wed, 10/7. Please keep in mind, this COULD lead to a possible full time SI position on the project. Thanks!

Expired Casting Calls

DeLisi Creative CASTING younger version of Marc Gellar (in his 20’s): NYC (Bronx) for a photo shoot (SAG BG rate) tent Wed 3/18! Marc has very distinct eyes (green/blue) & features! He does not need beard or facial hair! TV series TUMWATER (Ben Stiller). Brown/black hair, 5’7″-ish. **Appropriate candidates only pls: EMAIL submission to us at Put your name/photo shoot in subject line! In email, incl your name, phone/email, height/weight, sizes, recent candid cell photos, esp that match his face/look (MUST be recent!), SAG membership # or indicate if NU. Confirm you’re local to NYC!

Best Modeling Agencies in Boston

Boston is a smaller market city for models however, there are plenty of top Boston modeling agencies that new models should be on the lookout for.

As a new model, you might not be thinking that Massachusetts is the best state to get started in. In fact, it actually is an excellent market to get started if you are a commercial print model just starting out in fashion.

The commercial print market makes up almost 90% of the entertainment industry and features models and actors of all the looks and backgrounds. In the past year, there has been out and all out cattle call for diversity in modeling, which makes it an amazing time to try your luck in the modeling industry. Boston Massachusetts is referred to as a commercial print state for models as most jobs and auditions booked in smaller markets throughout Massachusetts are for locally owned brands. Smaller companies that hire models typically pay under $200-300 for a job that’s under 3 hours.

Read more at:

Casting Call For Models – Philadelphia Pennsylvania

grayscale photo of woman with daisy on ear
PA Modeling Casting Call

“Heery Loftus Casting is looking for 2 female “fit models” for a new shapewear line (sports bras, swimwear, leggings). Non-

union: pay. MUST, MUST meet the following sizes:

model#1: WOMAN: Height :5’9”Weight 150lbs., Dress 7,Pants 7, Bust 36, Cup B, Waist 28, Hip 36.

Model #2: Woman,Swimwear size 12 – 14., Bust 36-38, Waist 30-32,Hip 41-43.

This will shoot remotely in your home. Please send photos, with name, sizes and phone number ASAP to”

Latitude Talent Cost – Reviews 2020

Latitude Talent models and actors can be seen so many places simply because we have the best talent finding success in the modeling and acting industry. Here is just a few of our most recent reviews from our real talent.

What’s the cost to Modeling? – Latitude Talent 

As a new model or actor, many talent wonder how to even start. Is there a fast track way to start? Should you reach out to modeling agencies? What’s the cost of photography for a book? Latitude Talent breaks down the basics for new models starting out.
1.) Figure your Market
A lot of people think modeling is easy. Simply send in a couple of photographs and an agent will contact you to get you jobs. Wrong! Blind submitting to modeling agencies is not smart as every modeling agent works with look and talent specific models. What good would it do for you to apply as a male to a female model modeling agency? Likewise, why would an agent in New York want to sign a model in Alaska. They don’t. You have to research agencies that fit your look in your own market. Unless you are close to a major market (within 200 miles) that is fine. If you are hours and hours away, it doesn’t help to apply to that agency.
2.) Start marketing yourself
To get the attention of the right people (once you find your market) you have to send in amazing materials. While some models really do get spotted with basic pictures, it’s not all too common. In fact, professional photographs make all the difference. Be sure to get a comp card digitally as well. These materials might cost you, but if you really want something, you have to invest in it. No agents going to pay for all your marketing either. Some major agents front the cost off bookings, but that is not common for commercial models or those in small markets.
3.) Find and attend casting calls
This is the hardest part. Finding open casting calls as a model can make the difference in getting signed or not. Agents like to see a talent with experience, it shows they are dependable and serious.

The Real Cost to Become a Model

There are so many articles online that claim to help you become a model, the problem is that most of the information is out-dated and written by people who have no real industry experience.
Many claim as a new model, you should never have to pay for your own marketing. Not only is this flat out wrong, it hurts those who have real potential from investing in themselves. This rumor was started in the 1980’s when a modeling agency would cover all expenses to start, then recoup them after a booked job. Some agencies will front these cost to select talent however, most will have to invest in themselves, especially when just starting out.
With the rise of digital media, models are paid less and this has caused agencies to have various fee’s they pass along to the models.
In this article, we discuss the things that new models must invest in, versus what is a waste of money.
Male Model NYC
Head Shots
These are a must for any model or actor. Without professional photography, it will be very hard to land casting calls. For every one casting call, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of people applying for the same casting.
To stand out, you must have real photographs, however you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on them.
Comp Cards
In the past, comp cards were printed out and mailed, now they are digital in most major markets like New York or Miami. Comp cards are hard to generate on your own. Many agencies and companies such as Latitude Talent Studios have software to help generate comp cards on demand.
You can try to model yourself and build your brand, but there are so many models doing it, so its easy to get lost in the mix. Getting help from a talent marketing service is worth it if you are trying to become a model.
Need help? Contact Latitude to learn how we can help get you started.

Common Questions for New Models

Common Questions About Modeling:


If they’re going to become a model, they will have to participate eventually in attending a meeting. If you think they have what it takes to get noticed,  keep encouraging or trying to convince them to apply themself! If they are under 18, a parent has to apply for them.


That’s just fine – in fact, that’s way better. We’re not looking for professional photos at first. We want to see how you photograph and look in real life and may invite you in the office to see how you really look and interact.


The world today is digital which means this really is the best way for us to see and evaluate every single person who might be interested in applying at first.



Beginners and fresh faces are exactly what we’re looking for. We are a start for new models and actors since we are not an agency



No, school is a priority.


Due to high demand we aren’t able to reach out to everyone. However, if we feel you’re right for us we will surely be in touch!

$1,000/Day Commercial Casting Call in Miami Florida

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming on February 27th in Miami, Florida.
Producers are seeking the following types:
  • Looking for guys and gals, Hispanic or look Hispanic.
  • no visible tatts, fit, millennials, 20’s or so..or young looking 30’s..attire for casting, jeans
How to apply:


Miami – Commercial
rate $1000, shoot date not set yet.
casting in person Feb 27 between 9am and 11am.
Looking for guys and gals, Hispanic or look Hispanic.
no visible tatts, fit, millennials, 20’s or so..or young looking 30’s..attire for casting, jeans and tank top, if you cannot make it to casting, please send a whole body pic, wearing jeans and a tank top top, any color is fine.
no other pics will be accepted by producer.
please send pic and phone to