How to Overcome Stage Fright

We all face it. Whether you are brand new or an experienced actor or model, here are some tips to overcome stage fright

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How to Overcome Stage Fright

Stage fright is a common phobia for models, but the good news is that you can learn how to overcome it. The key is to focus on the audience and turn your nerves into positive energy. You can also learn to breathe evenly, consciously, and calmly. There are breathing exercises that you can do before your performance to calm your nerves. You should also focus on your audience, treating them like friends. Your success as a performer is directly connected to the community you have with your audience.


Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with stage fright and glossophobia. The first step is to learn to recognize the symptoms and identify a trigger. This will make the situation less frightening and help you deal with it. There are also a number of psychotherapeutic treatments available, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. Exposure therapy involves deliberately exposing a person to the trigger to help them learn to adapt to the situation and control their fears. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, on the other hand, is more focused on changing the way the brain processes certain situations.

Although specific triggers for glossophobia vary from person to person, the main factor is the anticipation of speaking or performing in front of an audience. Other triggers may include going to school, starting a new job, or social interactions. Regardless of the cause of glossophobia, you can learn how to deal with it in the most effective ways.

Public speaking is a common phobia, and many people suffer some level of it. However, only 10 percent are truly terrified. If the fear of public speaking is severe, it can negatively impact a person’s career, school performance, and social life. Treatments for glossophobia are very effective, with a high success rate.

In the case of glossophobia, exposure therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and medication can help people deal with this disorder. The goal of this therapy is to help people overcome their fear of speaking in front of a group. Exposure therapy involves learning new ways to express themselves and reduce the anxiety associated with it.

Exposing yourself to uncomfortable situations and learning to accept your feelings of discomfort can make you more resilient and able to deal with the unexpected. Exposing yourself to the discomfort each day can help you become more mentally and physically flexible, which will lessen the effects of stage fright.

7 steps to overcome stage fright

The first step in overcoming stage fright is to manage your anxiety. Practicing deep breathing can help you to relax. It is also useful to focus on the character you are portraying, rather than your own concerns. This will make you feel more comfortable and help you to stay in character during the performance.

The second step in overcoming stage fright is to practice your speech. Imagine yourself as if you are delivering a speech to one person in the audience. This may seem easier to do than performing to a larger group. In order to do this, you must know your script and notes by heart and practice them repeatedly.

Third, you should stay physically active. This will help ease tension and keep the audience’s interest. It will also help you to use your body’s natural movements to entertain the audience. You should also try to turn off your mind when on stage. This will help you focus on your body movements and facial expressions. Ultimately, you want to make the audience enjoy yourself.

Stage fright is a common problem among models, actors and celebrities. While they may not admit it, even the most talented stars can suffer from it. Overcoming this condition means learning to accept your body and confront your fears. By accepting your fears, you can begin to feel confident and in control of your performance.

Having a good understanding of the material you’re performing is important for overcoming stage fright. Learning about the material will help you lower your fear of judgment. Having confidence will help you overcome the fear of public speaking and other performing in front of an audience. Stage fright is a common form of anxiety disorder and requires a well-rounded approach to deal with it.

Lastly, you should consider getting professional help to help you overcome your stage fright. There are many options available, from online counseling to counseling from a licensed therapist. BetterHelp is a great resource that has access to over 20,000 licensed therapists. You can even access their services from the comfort of your own home. It’s an affordable way to get your self-confidence back and begin conquering stage fright.

If you can, try to visualize the perfect presentation. This technique is used by many performers, and it has been shown to reduce anxiety. Visualizing the perfect presentation can help you focus on each individual piece and reduce the chance of mistakes during the presentation. Also, try to visualize your audience’s reaction to your presentation.

Avoiding caffeine

Caffeine can make you feel jittery and exacerbate your anxiety levels. Avoiding caffeine can help you overcome stage fright by helping you control your energy level. Moreover, avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks, as they can make you feel more nervous.

It is important to remember that caffeine and sugar can aggravate stage fright symptoms, so it’s best to avoid these substances completely. Instead, drink soothing beverages with a low caffeine content. Eating bananas can also help you combat your stage fright because they contain natural beta-blockers.

However, it’s important to remember that overcoming stage fright may take time. It will take practice and effort to integrate your coping skills, and it doesn’t happen overnight. A therapist can help you explore the underlying causes of your stage fright and address underlying concerns. It’s important to keep in mind that stage fright can affect your quality of life, so overcoming it is an important goal.

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Latitude Talent Cost – Reviews 2020

Latitude Talent models and actors can be seen so many places simply because we have the best talent finding success in the modeling and acting industry. Here is just a few of our most recent reviews from our real talent.

The Best Way to Start Modeling for Free

Modeling costs do add up, here are 3 sure fire ways to start off modeling for free.

Modeling, like another career path, takes education in the field. While modeling schools can be a useful tool to those who need coaching in pose or self confidence, the truth is many models do not need school to become successful. Yes, your look can help get you booked, but if you cannot interview properly, you aren’t going to give a modeling agent confidence in your success. Also, modeling schools tend to cost more than workshops, which can be hard if you are just starting out.

To get started as a model for free isn’t going to be easy, but here are some tips to get started if you can’t afford high end photographs or modeling schools.

Tip 1: Seek local photographers to build up a book
Professional photography is an art. Therefore, high end photography professionals tend to charge more than those just starting out. Most modeling agencies require a model to have a portfolio. This makes it easy for them to see if you have the versatility in front of the camera. If you are in a smaller market outside of New York, where most big agencies for models are located, try to find a photographer who is willing to shoot TFP (trade for pictures). In turn for the free pictures, they use you as a subject model. Many models, regardless of their experience level, shoot TFP throughout their career.
Tip 2: Try local projects or modeling agencies
Smaller agencies understand the local market, so an up and coming model can have a chance to get started for free. However, smaller agencies do not have the budget to spend on developing a model. Going to a model scout with some pictures can help you land a modeling agent.
Tip 3: Get Help from Professionals
Doing it on your own is very hard. Marketing services like Latitude Talent Studios in New York helps models that have a hard time finding a modeling agency get started. To learn more about how Latitude can help visit

The Real Cost to Become a Model

There are so many articles online that claim to help you become a model, the problem is that most of the information is out-dated and written by people who have no real industry experience.
Many claim as a new model, you should never have to pay for your own marketing. Not only is this flat out wrong, it hurts those who have real potential from investing in themselves. This rumor was started in the 1980’s when a modeling agency would cover all expenses to start, then recoup them after a booked job. Some agencies will front these cost to select talent however, most will have to invest in themselves, especially when just starting out.
With the rise of digital media, models are paid less and this has caused agencies to have various fee’s they pass along to the models.
In this article, we discuss the things that new models must invest in, versus what is a waste of money.
Male Model NYC
Head Shots
These are a must for any model or actor. Without professional photography, it will be very hard to land casting calls. For every one casting call, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of people applying for the same casting.
To stand out, you must have real photographs, however you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on them.
Comp Cards
In the past, comp cards were printed out and mailed, now they are digital in most major markets like New York or Miami. Comp cards are hard to generate on your own. Many agencies and companies such as Latitude Talent Studios have software to help generate comp cards on demand.
You can try to model yourself and build your brand, but there are so many models doing it, so its easy to get lost in the mix. Getting help from a talent marketing service is worth it if you are trying to become a model.
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How to Avoid Modeling Red Flags – Never Accept a Check for an Audition

How to Avoid Modeling Red Flags – Never Accept a Check for an Audition

In the modeling industry, there are many red flags that aspiring models and actors need to look out for. A common red flag, one of the oldest in the books, is a “photographer” sending a check, usually for $5,000 for a job before you booked or even auditioned for anything in person.
They will then ask you to cash it for them at your bank, and send them the money. Only then do you find out it was a fake check and you are left with the overdraft balance.
Over the past years, this has become harder and harder to spot because the scammer is stealing names of legitimate industry professionals. They can now, hijack email domains to make you think you are speaking with the real deal.
To avoid this common scam remember this; NEVER accept a check before you completed the job. It often takes weeks to get paid from an audition.
NEVER speak to these people on WhatsApp, or use apps to transfer money. It is common sense, but many newer inexperienced models can fall for it. As a talent, you should always due your homework, however many often do not until it is too late.
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5 Best Modeling Agencies in New York – Latitude Talent Studios

5 Best Modeling Agencies in New York

When people think of starting a career in the Modeling business, they think of many cities to start in, including New York City- a city full of high-end fashion, trends, and events. You don’t have to be experienced to become a model, that’s what agencies and marketing firms like Latitude Talent are for! Although it could be difficult to get signed with an agency, down below are 5 of the best Modeling Agencies and Services in New York to help you get started on your path to the modeling industry.

1. Elite Model Management

One of the largest and successful agencies in New York City. Being signed with Elite Model Management could definitely help your career in the modeling industry. It has an iconic legacy and has represented many famous and well-known talents such as Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo, Monica Bellucci, Lizzy Jagger, Cara Delevingne.

2. Ford Models

A very respected and well-known agency for representing some of the best. Agencies like this are very strict about who they choose to sign with. However, this could be a very good agency to work with if you have the right qualities and experiences.

3. Latitude Talent Studios 

A great talent marketing firm, not an agency for models and actors with experience or no experience. Most agencies want models with experience and this is a great place to start. They have helped connect their talent in many opportunities including castings with MTV, ABC Network,  People Magazine, Amazon Prime, HBO Networks, Dynasty Models International, Converse, Target, New York Fashion Week’16,’17,’18,’19, and many more. Latitude is the best way to start a career or future as a model/actor without joining an agency.

4. New York Model Management

A full-service agency promoting many well-known talents such as Niki Taylor, Tatjana Patitz, Meghan Collison, Sui He, Sanne Vloet, Olga Sherer, and Tess Hellfeuer. New York Model Management is committed to promoting talent to the fashion industry worldwide.

5. VNY Models

VNY is a top New York boutique modeling agency that has an unrivaled reputation and track record for crafting unknown models into household names. They have a vast network of connections and firm relationships with clients. VNY Models is a great agency to work with if your goal is to make it to the top!

Latitude Talent Interview: New Talent Experience

At Latitude Talent Studios, our philosophy is simple, yet is the key to our success: our talent are number one. If you have been invited to a Latitude Talent Interview or Evaluation, you came to the right place; we help models and actors get started.

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Whether your goal is to become a model or actor, find a modeling or talent agency, or to take your experience to the next level in a major market like New York City, we can help connect you with the resources to get started. Unlike an agency, we focus on helping new models and actors get started in a diversity friendly environment in the heart of New York City.

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3 Steps to Become a Social Media Influencer

Did you know a social media influencer has the same status as a fashion model in today’s environment?

When most people think of modeling, the first thing they think of is magazines, runway and print advertising. While that’s a major advertising outlet for companies which obviously feature models, becoming an Instagram influencer or social media celebrity can afford you the same opportunities as a model.

Becoming an influencer however, is just as difficult as becoming a model. Here are 3 easy steps to become a social media influencer:

1.) Build your personal brand

In order to become an influencer, it is very important to build your personal brand. If you have a certain focus, desire and passion, let’s say fashion, it is important to build your Instagram or Facebook profile and post around this topic. Whatever your favorite stores are, or favorite outfits, feature them in your social media posts and be sure to tag the retail brands. This is a great way to get the attention of new and potential followers, as well as the brand themselves.

2.) Get followers

This is probably one of the most difficult things to do when building a personal brand, is to actually get followers that care about you and what you represent. Be sure to research and use a lot of hashtags in your Instagram post to get the attention of a potential audience. Be sure to post content often to keep your audience engaged.

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