TV Pilot Holding Auditions for Actors in Boston, MA

Casting Call Audition for Actors in Boston MA!

Shoot/Start Date: December 2020
Location: Acton, MA (and the surrounding areas)
NON-UNION Episodic

Special notes: ALL TALENT must be located in or near Massachusetts, as lodging and transportation will not be provided. This production is currently expected to air on public access television, and complies with non-commercial regulations. As such, all roles are NON-PAYING.

Characters, names and details are subject to change.

[Amelia Huxley] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, early 20’s, shy, cute and intelligent. A member in the college’s tech club. She is compassionate to a fault, and falls head over heels for our main character (though is too shy to let him know).

[March Dunaway] SUPPORTING, MALE, 17-19, headstrong, adventurous and studious. A freshman in University. He lives at home with his parents and commutes to school. Like any ordinary college student, he cares a bit too much of what others think of him.

[Jane Dunaway] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, 40+, March’s mother. Happily married. When she isn’t working, she often spends her time tiding up the house, gardening or gossiping with the other mothers.

[Lawrence Dunaway] SUPPORTING, MALE, 40+, March’s father. Happily married. When he isn’t working, he enjoys engaging in various hobbies around the house.

[Phylis Zilch] SUPPORTING, FEMALE, early 20’s, intelligent and outgoing. Quite nerdy. A member in the college’s tech club, she is as much brilliant as she is socially awkward.

[Bryce Mackenzie] SUPPORTING, MALE, 16-18, quick-witted and aggressive. A senior in the nearby high school. He is close friends with March Dunaway and Dallas Stryke. Though certainly not in the popular crowd, he is the alpha male of their friend group.

[Dallas Stryke] SUPPORTING, MALE, 13-16, underclassman at the local high school, he follows Bryce’s lead – almost like a sidekick. Does his best to keep from feeling inferior, while constantly hanging out with his older friends.

[Francis Emerin] SUPPORTING, ALL GENDERS, 40+, wise and experienced, though not without faults. As the Dean of Students at the University, Francis is often involved in difficult situations, and must be resourceful when problem solving.

[Town Residents] BACKGROUND/EXTRAS, ALL GENDERS, ALL AGES, residents of a sleepy, suburban Massachusetts college town.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Boston, MA
Please submit to:
Self-tape auditions, submitted via email. For sides and instructions, go to the link:

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