Modeling in New York – What New Models Should Expect to Pay For and What They Should Not

Modeling in New York – What New Models Should Expect to Pay For

Starting out in modeling is like taking up another hobby or sport, it takes time, patience and the real desire to start something. Not only should you expect to invest your time, but you will need to invest in starting your journey. What many models do not understand is what the standard costs for models should expect. What is normal and what is not, everyone will tell you a different thing!

What any modeling agency or scout will tell you, a portfolio is something you as the model will need to cover out of pocket. Many aspiring models or those without experience shout “you shouldn’t pay for anything” Not only is this completely wrong, it prevents a real talent with potential from actually becoming successful.

What a model should not do however is spend thousands of dollars on photography. We see models and actors coming in that have spent so much money on bad photography. This is not only a waste, but photographs are meant to help land you and agency or casting. Never spend thousands of dollars on photographs, this will not help you in New York!

At Latitude Talent, we help those starting out get the tools for success. While test shoots at Latitude are free (this is unheard of in New York) your enrollment subscription covers access to a casting call portal, along with real guidance from professionals, which allows talent to access opportunities to start out for real. Latitude is the best. Period.

We make it easier than ever to start out in New York.
See why Latitude is the BEST way for any model, visit us at

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