What’s the cost to Modeling? – Latitude Talent 

As a new model or actor, many talent wonder how to even start. Is there a fast track way to start? Should you reach out to modeling agencies? What’s the cost of photography for a book? Latitude Talent breaks down the basics for new models starting out.
1.) Figure your Market
A lot of people think modeling is easy. Simply send in a couple of photographs and an agent will contact you to get you jobs. Wrong! Blind submitting to modeling agencies is not smart as every modeling agent works with look and talent specific models. What good would it do for you to apply as a male to a female model modeling agency? Likewise, why would an agent in New York want to sign a model in Alaska. They don’t. You have to research agencies that fit your look in your own market. Unless you are close to a major market (within 200 miles) that is fine. If you are hours and hours away, it doesn’t help to apply to that agency.
2.) Start marketing yourself
To get the attention of the right people (once you find your market) you have to send in amazing materials. While some models really do get spotted with basic pictures, it’s not all too common. In fact, professional photographs make all the difference. Be sure to get a comp card digitally as well. These materials might cost you, but if you really want something, you have to invest in it. No agents going to pay for all your marketing either. Some major agents front the cost off bookings, but that is not common for commercial models or those in small markets.
3.) Find and attend casting calls
This is the hardest part. Finding open casting calls as a model can make the difference in getting signed or not. Agents like to see a talent with experience, it shows they are dependable and serious.

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