How to Model if you are Short

If you’re like most female models that are not over 5’9 and you want to be a model, there are so so many options to get started as a model, it just takes the right materials and right modeling agency to get started.

There’s nothing wrong with being short, and by short we don’t mean like really short, we’re talking under an editorial height which is what 90% of the population of females make. Editorial agencies, also known as high fashion agencies, are all run by household names including Ford models and next models. If you want to find a commercial modeling agency you have to find boutique and alternative agencies that specialize in your look.

If you’re like most people that want to become a model, you think that getting nice photographs and sending them to every agency you find is the smartest idea. That is wrong. To get signed to a legitimate agency, they will typically require you to have a large portfolio or a success of booking previous work.

How do you find work as a commercial or petite model?

It’s important to try to find casting calls that you match for, however it is very difficult to find legitimate casting calls that can help get you the right position to add to your resume. Look for smaller roles Or ones from local theater projects. Not only does that help build up your sphere of influence to other models and actors, it helps you learn about the entertainment industry.

There is also many options like finding a talent marketing service, such as Latitude Talent, that typically works with new face models or actors that are looking for commercial modeling gigs and opportunities. And In a   market like New York City, there are many options. Don’t limit yourself to only the big names! Also, be sure to do your homework and find only real talent agencies and services that can help propel you in the right direction not just waste your time and energy!

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