Model Tip: Avoid these Common Mistakes

Models and Actors should be on high alert. A number of seemingly educated talent are being subjected to a common check cashing process and Latitude Talent Studios is filing you in to avoid these illegitimate casting call jobs posted on popular websites.

A check scammer will prey on a model or actor on popular websites like Craigslist or Backpage. They try using a variety of excuses to explain why they’re willing to send a check for a large sum of money and expect only a small sum in return.  The Business Bureau has released a warnings about a “check cashing”

You receive an email informing you that you’ve been offered a job as a model or actor. To get started, the message instructs you to reply and confirm your mailing address. After doing this, you will receive instructions and a check to cover your fee and modeling expenses such as clothing and transportation. … Your instructions tell you to deposit the check, subtract your fee and expenses and wire the rest back—but don’t do it.

The infamous “Nigerian email” was all too common back in the day: if you respond to the come-on, the Crown Prince Oil Minister or whoever the scammer’s pretending to be will usually send you a [bad] check for a large sum of money and ask you to wire back a small fraction of it.

The simplest and easiest way to protect yourself from check scams is to remember three rules. The first two rules are check-specific: when you deposit a check into your bank account, never assume the money is actually there until the bank tells you the check has cleared. And if you’re in business and accept checks as payment, never agree to accept a check for overpayment, nor hand over goods to the buyer until the check has cleared.

The third rule applies to everybody, whether you accept checks or not: never, ever wire funds or give pre-paid money cards to somebody you don’t know. Models be safe and take this advice!

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