Is Latitude Talent Studios Legit?

We understand getting a start in entertainment in hard. Not only is finding casting calls a difficult, if not impossible task on its own, seeing which companies are the best for your look and background or to finding a legit modeling agency, Latitude Talent helps streamline the process to get started.
As a model or actor, you are considered an independent contractor. What does that mean? No salary or hourly pay rate here! Models and actors are booked job by job if they land an audition. Expect to build up your own portfolio or comp card before finding management.
Finding auditions and castings is hard, let Latitude Talent Studios help filter to find the best casting call to get started.
Latitude Talent Studios is a legit way for models and actors looking to break into the business. Unlike an agency, models and actors have the freedom to attend castings and projects on their own terms.
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